Our client hospitals recognize the value in a strong staffing partnership.  With over 20 years experience PNS has a proven track record.  We are proud to provide some of the highest pay rates in the industry.  Some rates range as high as $60/hr ($90/hr for OT).  Some nurses can even take advantage of tax-saving per diems like meals, travel and lodging accommodations.

Placement Experience

Our nurses can rest assured that their nurse recruiter has a strong understanding of their nurses needs along with the client's ensuring the best possible fit.  PNS recruiters strive to make every available accommodation to assist their nurses during the recruitment and implementation processes.  We have a firm belief that mutually inclusive relationships produce mutually beneficial outcomes.

Although most of our clients are looking for 13-26 week assignments with options to extend many times.  We also have smaller assignments as short as 4 weeks.  With 24 x 7 x 365 accessibility to our highly trained staffing coordinators, our nurses are never left to "fend for themselves" while on assignment.  Our nurses are not only assigned a highly skilled recruiter but also a vast team of staffing coordinators, compliance coordinators and a compensation team.  Our team is on stand-bye ready to serve our nurses in anyway possible to ensure nothing short of an excellent experience.