PNS Staffing and Placement Solutions

We strive to offer services that meet the needs of our facility clients.  Below are our core services.  Should your facility have a need outside of the below feel free to call (866-649-4401) or email ( for a free one-on-one consultation. 

Travel Contracts

For over 20 years we have provided high quality nurses for hundreds of clients.  We are well known for filling those hard-to-find placements.  Many of our clients rely on our Travel Contract service to ensure coverage from 4-26 weeks contracts.  This service even ensures guaranteed coverage anywhere from 12-48 hours a week.  Ask us about never paying for OVERTIME again!

Per Diem/PRN

Per Diem is just a fancy word for "as needed".  We do that!  Matter of fact this is our roots.  Nearly all of our clients sign a per diem agreement just to cover all their bases.  We understand not all needs are predictable, this is why we are proud to continue offering this necessary service.  Ask us how we can partner with your team to fill those gaps! 

Direct Hire

Not all our clients have the luxury of a fully stocked HR department.  Direct Hire services is a great resource for your HR team providing an extension assisting with those hard to fill positions.  We offer a no obligation approach extending our candidate base allowing our client's the opportunity to review candidates based on the criteria submitted and interviewing each candidates themselves.  Once a candidate is chosen, we work closely with the client HR team to start on time and follow up weekly with both parties ensuring mutual success.  We offer an affordable solution based on the agreed upon salary of the chosen candidate.  Ask us how we can provide more candidates for your facility!

Facility Staffing FAQ's

The more you know about PNS, the stronger our partnership.  Below are just a few Q & A's that should help clarify some basic questions concerning the staffing process. 

How long have you been staffing nurses?

We have been staffing nurses for over 20 years.  Since 1989 we have worked with hundreds of clients providing thousands of clinicians. 

How long is a typical assignment? 

We are very sensitive to the needs of our clients.  That being said, the length of each assignment can vary.  For those of our clients who desire long term coverage we can offer up to 26 weeks and longer.  For those who desire shorter term coverage we can provide as short as 4 weeks.  Of course, we can do just about anywhere in between and longer should the client have a particular desire. 

What does the screening and credentialing process look like prior to a nurse coming to our facility? 

Wow, this is a great question.  We consider this process to be the most important.  Our attention to detail concerning the work history, source verifications for credentials and background screening is second to none.  After we have compiled the nurse file we provide the client with a complete nurse profile for presentation.  The client then reviews and provides feedback along with direction on the nurse candidate.   

What specialties can you provide our facility? 

With the amount of experience we have there isn't much we haven't seen or done!  Our goal is to service all our client's needs covering all specialty areas. 

Do your nurses float to other areas/specialties if needed? 

We are happy to assist in this process.  Many skill sets are transferable  This is why we work with the client and nurse to ensure proper identification of a float opportunity.  All we ask is advance notification to properly ensure all parties are on the same page.

Can your nurses work guaranteed hours? 

Yes.  Guaranteed assignment hours range from 36-48 hours.  Utilization of this service can offer consistency and reduced overall cost.

Who is responsible for paying the nurses taxes, insurances and other employer related costs?

PNS.  Unless the client is utilizing the Direct Hire service we are the employer of record.  

Client Testimonials

Our nurse recruiter went above and beyond to find that needle in a haystack that several other’s couldn’t do!
— L&D - Nurse Manager
I can’t begin to tell you the level of commitment PNS delivers. They consistently provide highly qualified nurses.
— Vice President - Quality Assurance
The PNS nurses filled in just like our own staff. They were happy to stay and help as our team transitioned to a new EMR system. We couldn’t have done it without them
— Director - Human Resources
We have worked with a lot of staffing companies being a VMS, but PNS showed up in a big way when our client needed us most. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to partner with them.
— Vendor Manager - Program Manager
At my level I look at actions. These guys can deliver. Strongly recommend.
— Vice President - Nursing Services
I can sleep at night knowing the nurses and the PNS team work just as hard as us to ensure quality patient outcomes.
— Director - Patient Outcomes

What else do we staff? 

If you haven't discovered by now, we have been around!  Our clientele ranges anywhere from Nursing Homes to Acute Care facilities.  We fill needs for many areas of health care.  Below is a list of both facility types and disciplines you can often find on our roster. 


Facility Types

Nursing Homes

Assisted Living

Lab Setting

Doctors Office

Urgent Care Clinics

Specialty Hospitals

Acute Care Hospitals


Home Health


Non-medical Caregiving

Call Center

Legal Nursing

Disciplines Offered

We have the capability to staff many disciplines.  Please reach out to us if you fall under any of the facility types listed.  We maintain an extremely large database of highly qualified nurse/health care candidates.  We are happy to assist in any way.