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Our tagline says it all.  We are all Health Care, attracting Top Talent, providing a Quality Workforce.     

PNS clients demand the best candidates.  In order to do this we require nothing short of excellence from ourselves.  This spills over into every aspect of our candidate sourcing and credentialing processes.  We recognize in order to attract the best candidates, we must offer the best services.

Why nurses choose PNS

We offer choice assignments, 24 x 7 staffing support, weekly and daily pay, benefits, premier hospital locations and some of the highest pay in the industry. 

What can you expect as an employee of PNS?

With over 20 years experience in the staffing industry we seek to develop quality in-depth relationships with our nurses.  Our team of professionals sole purpose is to ensure a high-quality experience from the minute you meet us to the completion of an assignment.  

Travel Nursing as a career

If you have never considered Travel Nursing as a career, you should.  Demand for nurses is at an all time high.  Demand for travelers is even higher.  The process is really no harder than any other employment experience.  Our recruiters work with you to identify preferences based on your background and then they match you up with the client's need.  Our retention rate is extremely high as the majority of our nurses pick up new assignments time and time again.  Effectively, making a career out of travel.  

Contract options

Everyone has a different reason for pursuing travel nursing.  We get it!  Travel nursing can provide opportunities to see new places, provide career advancement or add life experience.  For these reasons we can offer many options for commitment.  Assignment options can range from 4-13 weeks and sometimes with multiple assignment extensions. 

Assignment hours

This can very from contract to contract.  We can offer assignments with as little as 12 hours a week and up to 48 hours!  Overtime can become your best friend.  Ask us how.

Let's get started

It's not hard.  Start by calling (866) 649-4401 or clicking below to fill out a quick form.  Our specialized recruiters are excited and ready to speak with you about a great new career in travel nursing.